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AFRICAN AVIATION provides strong leadership, a clear vision and unstinting commitment to the African aviation industry. AFRICAN AVIATION was founded in 1990 with the raison d’être of promoting aviation development in Africa. Given Africa’s vast size and limited means of surface transportation by road, rail or river, AFRICAN AVIATION believed from the outset that a safe, efficient and affordable air transport industry in Africa would be a vital catalyst for the economic and social transformation of the continent.

AFRICAN AVIATION provides a wide range of aviation consultancy and advisory services to international and African organisations, and to African Governments, spanning commercial, business, general and military aviation. Clients are able to achieve their goals more quickly and cost-effectively by leveraging the knowledge, experience and expertise of AFRICAN AVIATION in the African aviation industry, and its extensive business relationships and partnerships across the continent and globally.

AFRICAN AVIATION also organises the successful series of African Aviation Conferences & Exhibitions, including MRO Africa, African Aviation Training and the African Aviation Summit, Air Finance Africa. These widely respected African Aviation Conferences & Exhibitions, have provided a unique platform for valuable networking and information sharing between leading African and international aviation, finance, aircraft maintenance, training, legal, military aviation and business and general aviation organisations, regulatory and Government officials, which have helped to foster closer co-operation and business partnerships. AFRICAN AVIATION also organises Training Seminars on key subjects.

In addition, in 1990, AFRICAN AVIATION helped pioneer aviation publishing in Africa with the launch of AFRICAN AVIATION, Africa’s Aviation Industry Journal, which has established an international reputation for its in-depth reporting and cogent analysis of the growing African aviation industry. “Our goal is to help build a more efficient and vibrant African aviation industry by promoting air safety and security, aviation training, air transport connectivity and win-win relationships,” says Mr Nick Fadugba, founder and Chief Executive Officer of African Aviation Services Limited and Aviation Business Limited, and former Secretary General of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA).

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